Nick Brannen

Nick Brannen was 19 years old when he felt the Holy Spirit’s call to ministry at a Christian conference, not too different from the ECHO conference. He remembers that moment being the clearest God had ever spoken to him, yet he had different plans for his future. God was patient and very persistent. After a short season trying to ignore God’s call on his life, he reluctantly shared his experience with some loved ones, and to his surprise each person already knew that ministry would someday be his path! They were all simply waiting for Nick to figure it out!


That was 15 years ago. Since that defining moment, Nick married the love of his life, Michelle, who he met at the church vending machine in elementary school. He graduated top of his class from Bethel Seminary with his Masters of Divinity. He began working in student ministry at Lutheran Church of Hope, where he grew up going to church. Soon he became an ordained Lutheran pastor, and became a father to Elliot and Emma.


Today, Nick serves as Pastor and Youth Team Leader at Lutheran Church of Hope in the central United States of America. Hope is a church on a mission to reach out to the world and share the everlasting love of Jesus Christ. Hope is home to tens of thousands of people at many campuses and local sites throughout the state of Iowa, with thousands attending online each week from around the globe. It is currently the largest Lutheran church in history and was recently named the fastest growing church in the United States on the annual “Outreach 100” list. In addition to serving on Hope’s leadership team, pastoral team, and spearheading Hope’s internship program, Nick’s primary ministry focus is with the hundreds of students who gather at Hope every Wednesday to experience Jesus.


While marriage, fatherhood, and ministry fill up most of his time, Nick enjoys playing guitar (but not singing), growing food for his family in his garden and orchard, biking and hiking through the great outdoors, and brewing his own beer at home to share with friends. More than anything, Nick loves Jesus. His greatest desire is to follow him and help others do the same.