Time: 03/02 14:00
Location: Klubhuset

Our lives and life situations are a variable quantity, and most of us experience that it can be difficult to find solid ground when major changes occur in life. Something that has occupied a significant space in our lives can suddenly change – for example, when the children move away from home, when we no longer have to work, or when a partner/soulmate passes away. It can also involve illness striking us, getting divorced, and in that context, not having the children with us every day. We can be fired and suddenly lose our financial security, etc., etc.. The common denominator is that when we find ourselves at a certain point in life, and where we immediately struggle to find our way, we can easily be hijacked by overthinking in the form of worries and ruminations. Overthinking can result in regret, and a need to control and plan things that we actually have no control over.

The seminar is about how we can better understand and find direction in new life situations. There is a significant difference in how we handle what we can act our way out of, and how we handle what, although significant, is not immediately changeable. We will look at some very practical tools we can reach for when we need to find direction and calm in a new life situation, so that we can be as present as possible in what is.