ECHO is a conference that hopes to inspire and encourage you to live a daily life in a committed relationship with God. Here Christians meet no matter their age, culture or ethnicity and get offered a space for deep conversations about subjects regarding life and faith.

We hope to be a place for you to receive God’s word, spirit, and community, so you can go out into the world and be an echo of him. Here you can experience worship, biblical teaching, outreach in the local area, inspiring and diverse seminars, and a strong community within Christ

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Be an echo of his loveECHO


Nick Brannen
Pastor, Lutheran Church of Hope, USA
Jordan B. Cooper
Professor of Systematic Theology, the Executive Director of Just and Sinner, USA
Josefine Arenius
Michael Mørch
Lecturer in systematic theology, Denmark
Irene Aarestrup
Psychologist, Denmark
Carsten Herholdt
Branding expert, Denmark
Daniel Toft Jakobsen
Former member of the danish Parliament, Denmark
Grethe Muff Enevoldsen
Metacognitive therapist, Denmark
Helene Lindberg
Therapist, Denmark
Sofie Due
Graphic designer, artist and concept developer, Denmark